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With your support, The Prather Foundation is able to be a resource of value to underserved communities.


(and how we're responding to Covid-19)

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, The Prather Foundation is seeking partnerships in several projects that will support low-income families whose incomes have been negatively impacted during this time of uncertainty. While these initiatives are being developed in immediate response to the COVID-19 situation, we are committed to building them as long-term entities that can be deployed for future situations that call for families needing assistance.

Covid-19 Response:

A Bill A Day

The first of the month means

rent, mortgage, and utility bills are due for the families of many students. But due to the coronavirus crises, parents in low-incomecommunities will be severely impacted by layoffs and reduced working hours implemented by employers. This program helps off-set some of those costs for families struggling to make ends meet due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 Response:

Fill Your Fridge

"Nearly 3.3 million children across the country depend on school lunches as their main source of nutrition." With school closings and job losses, many kids will miss both breakfast and lunch with families finding it more challenging to access food and resources. This program will put resources directly into the hands of our students families at a time when they need it the most.

Covid-19 Response:

Prather Market Pop-Up

Billions of dollars worth of food is going to waste as growers and producers are facing a massive surplus of highly perishable items. Roughly half the food grown in the US was previously destined for restaurants, schools, stadiums, theme parks and cruise ships. With shelf-stable staple goods selling out at markets nationwide, food banks are seeing an influx of produce donations, but it requires more workers and volunteers to sort and package the food when charities are in short supply of helping hands.

Zelf On The Shelf Christmas Toy Drive

Mr. Prather's Self Care Day

Laugh Over Losing Comedy Show

The Zelf On The Shelf Christmas Toy Drive has provided smiles for more than 1,500 kids over the past 3 years. In the communities we serve, the holiday season is proven to be a tough time for a lot of families. With he help of our supporters, The Prather Foundation partners with area schools and provides a holiday celebration experience the youth will never forget! Each child opens a gift of their choice hand delivered by Mr. Santa Clause himself!

The Self Care Day initiative was established with one thing in mind: Make the children feel good! A lot of times, in poverty stricken neighborhoods, things like getting your hair done, a haircut, or having your nails done are not necessities. Studies show that at about the age of 3, children take notice in their physical appearance. The same way adults feel when we have our hair done is the same way a kid will feel. We want each kid to have an opportunity to partake in that experience. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good.

Have you seen Wild'N'Out? Well, this is our spin! Laugh Over Losing Comedy show comes into your high school and invites you to participate in a student based improv comedy show hosted by some of your favorite IG comedians! Field Trips have a whole new meaning now! Where else can you get out of class to let off some stress and genuinely have fun. With everything going on in our world, sometimes having a good laugh can change the trajectory of a students day! 


Committed to enriching the lives of our youth